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As a registered dietitian, I value the importance of nutritious eating not only for humans but for dogs as well! Good nutrition yields many benefits, and what we feed our dogs is extremely important. After experimenting with many brands and learning about optimal nutrition for dogs, I have chosen a multi- faceted approach when it comes to meal time.


The diet my dogs and puppies are on falls in line with “biologically appropriate nutrition.” Dogs are ancestral carnivores, so their biologically appropriate diet is rich and varied in whole animal ingredients. I feed my dogs with the brand “Orijen” to provide  a “Whole Prey” diet, while also mixing in a fresh ingredient homemade recipe developed by dog nutritionists. Adding these fresh whole-food ingredients helps boost the nutritional level of the meals by providing powerful disease-fighting antioxidants and high quality protein. This gives our puppies the best start in life, and allows our mom and dad dogs to thrive in adulthood. 

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Other Health Recommendations

  • Feeding raw meaty bones regularly can help support your dog's dental and gum health. NEVER give your dog COOKED bones, as these can splinter and cause internal injury

  • Over-bathing your dog can dry out their coat, most dogs only need to be bathed a few times per year. A general rule of thumb is to bathe your dog at least every 3-4 months, but no more than 2 times per month.

  • If your puppy is a chewer, you may find that they love to chew on their dog bed. If you do not want to keep buying beds as they get destroyed, we recommend the brand “Primo Pads.”. They are waterproof, chew-proof, easy to clean, and very comfortable for your dog. Always have your puppy sleep on a dog bed to prevent future joint problems.

  • Make it a routine to wash your puppies food bowl after every meal, and their water bowl at least once per day. A dirty dog bowl can become filled with bacteria and make your puppy sick.

  • I always recommend crate training your puppy for their mental health. Crate training can help prevent separation anxiety in the future, and will prepare them for emergency situations (for example, evacuation of your home requiring your dog to be kenneled).

  • Do not take your dog anywhere other than your home until fully vaccinated to reduce the risk of parvovirus (see handout)

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