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Welcome to Peaches' puppy page!

Peaches had 4 males and 4 females. She is an amazing mom that never leaves her puppies side when they are first born.


Please refer back to this page weekly for updates! We will be posting updates every WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY. We will write about their growth, developmental milestones, and provide plenty of puppy pictures.

Important info to know:

Born: 4/3/24

Puppy temperament testing date: TBD with Dog Evolution

Vet check date: TBD with Pets Request Mobile Vet

Puppy picking day (NOT take home): May 17th and 18th 

Puppies are ready to go home on: May 29th

Please bring final payment in the form of venmo or cash (NO checks) when you take your puppy home. Use the FRIENDS/FAMILY option on Venmo to avoid fee's.

Please view our puppy checklist to learn more about products we use and recommend. It is a good idea to purchase these things before the puppy comes home!

What to expect:

Around the age of 6 weeks, we have our trainer conduct temperament assessments prior to selecting your puppy. Please note that these assessments reflect the current observations of the trainer regarding the puppies' development. Regarding their appearance, the puppies are likely to lighten as they grow their puppy fuzz, with their adult color generally turning out darker than their puppy color. The color of their ears can provide a reliable indication of their eventual hue. It typically takes approximately 2 years for them to fully develop their adult coat and color. However, it's important to recognize that personality traits are not guaranteed and may evolve and adapt as the puppies acclimate to their new environment, interact with new people, encounter new stimuli, and adapt to a new routine and rules.


We emphasize the significance of maintaining an open mindset and dedicating ample time to acquaint yourself with your individual puppy. Upon their arrival, initiating socialization efforts is crucial to foster a strong bond and enable effective teaching methods tailored to their needs, ensuring their optimal growth and development.


All our puppies are raised in a nurturing and interactive environment, ensuring that every choice is a positive one. We prioritize socialization and enriching experiences to lay a strong foundation, but the responsibility to sustain this falls on you. Your puppy will be exposed to a variety of stimuli, including new sounds, environments, and interactions with children.

Golden Retrievers are wonderful additions to families and seamlessly integrate into active lifestyles. Renowned for their adaptability, they are generally receptive to training and exhibit a strong desire to satisfy their owners. However, they thrive on regular physical activity and mental engagement to prevent boredom and deter the onset of undesirable behaviors.

Puppy Updates:

Week 1: Peaches pups are one week old today. The puppies have been feeding off of mama constantly. They are gaining weight at a nice rate, and are already getting chunky! We start ENS (early neurological stimulation) and ESI (early scent introduction), and this will continue for around 2 weeks. Peaches is doing well as a mom, she takes very good care of them and is very protective of her babies!

Week 2: Peaches puppies are 2 weeks old today! They are in the “Transitional Period”, meaning their little eyes begin to open and they begin toddling. We start loud noise exposure near the end of the week, since they are starting to get their sense of hearing this week. It is brief (such as dropping a dog food bowl on the ground) and it is good to get them accustomed to these sounds while small. At this early age, puppies do not yet fear sound, so we use this opportunity to get a jump start on desensitization of loud noises. Overall, puppies are growing quickly, and mama Peaches is also doing well.

Week 3: coming by 4/25

Week 4: coming by 5/2

Week 5: coming by 5/9

Week 6: coming by 5/16

Week 7: coming by 5/23

Newborn Pics

Week 1

Week 2

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